As I continue to navigate the chaos of this feisty week I thought I’d share some more tools and resources I’m drawing on to stay present, grounded and mostly regulated - no easy feat! I found that if I break things down into short manageable experiences and practice at least one 5 times a day (or you could try all 5 throughout the course of your day) I was more successful at making time and sticking to a practice of connecting to the present moment.

AND I felt more settled, grounded and regulated! #win.


1 - Practice 5 ¼ sun salutations or chi gong movements with the arms in an upright position (either seated or standing). Get the body moving, blood flowing, and notice where you and the space around you meet (maybe not try this on the subway, during rush hour - awkward).

2 - Give yourself an applause - Clap your hands 5 times - and do so with some UMF (is that a word??). Note: if you do this in the am and are the first up, well, you might not be the most popular.

3 - If you’re a java drinker see if you can connect to the aroma of your coffee, or even the scent that fills the air if you’re in a coffee shop, or passing by one. Take 5 intentional breaths through your nose. What does your coffee/the scent of coffee smell like - Chocolate? Rich? Acidic? Vanilla? If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can also try this with your tea or with baked goods.

4 - Read 5 lines, paragraphs or pages about something that you’re curious about or from that book/magazine that lives on the shelf or you toot around in your bag. If when you’re done you still feel called to continue reading...then maybe consider sticking with it for a bit longer?

5 - Towards the end of my day (or sooner) I’m gonna give myself a hug and take 5 natural, calm breaths thru my nose. I’ll put my attention into feeling the movement of breath within my own embrace. I will also try connecting to a few things (maybe 5) that I accomplished today - I got up. I went to work. I completed a chore or task - simple life things. And then I’ll try to sit with that feeling of accomplishment or contentment for a few moments - marinate in it, soak it up, take it into my core/centre.

What are some of your short and quickie take 5 tools and resources?

Yoga For Resilience - starts on Tuesday, September 11th at the Healing Collective!

I'm excited to announce that Yoga For Resilience get's underway next week - yay! This trauma informed all-levels practice is centered around supporting an experience that fosters self-awareness and a more compassionate relationship with yourself and the world around you. 


There are many benefits to a mind-body practice like yoga, including: 

  • Feeling more grounded, centered and regulated

  • Cultivating a sense of feeling more at home in your body

  • Boosting quality of sleep

  • Improving posture, strength, coordination and balance

  • Managing somatic issues and chronic pain

  • Connecting to your inherent resilience

  • Improving confidence and self-respect

Classes are 60 mins in length on Tuesday's at 9:30am and Wednesday's at 6:00pm. I'm going to cap things at 10 students - I love sardines, I just don't need to experience what it's like to be in that can :) Please bring a mat unless you like practicing without one. I will supply props as needed and feel free to bring any fav props of your own. You might also like to bring a journal as I will provide time at the end of class for you to document your experience (completely optional). Don't forget your water bottle!

Drop into a class for $20 or purchase a 5 class pass for $90 (6 month expiry). I can currently only accept cash at the studio but you can pay online in advance when you register.

The Healing Collective is located on the main floor of 2005 Danforth Ave. - south side just west of Woodbine - look for the Field & Flower store front. It’s a 5 min walk from the Woodbine subway station and there is street parking. Barrier free entry through the rear entrance. The washroom is located on the main floor, but is not wheelchair accessible. 

I hope to see you soon!

As Rick Hanson says: Drop The Load


It's taken me a really long time (like 2+ decades) to be able to see tasks for what they are - simply tasks.

According to Google's dictionary, used as noun we're talking about a piece of work to be done or undertaken. As a verb, a task might be something we assign a piece of work to.

Do you see anything about emotion or feeling in that definition? I don't, but it doesn't mean I haven't felt emotionally hijacked or sucked into a story in my head when reviewing my task list (aka to do's personal, professionally, socially, etc.).

Dr. Hanson discusses this and more in his most recent Just One Thing - Drop The Load blog post. He identifies 4 areas to consider when you examine your own relationship to tasks:

  1. Take on Fewer Tasks
  2. Put a Fence around Doing
  3. Shift Your Relationship to Tasks
  4. Recognize That Tasks Are “Empty”


For me personally, it wasn't until #4 landed that I was able to decouple the tight grasp of emotion from the clear reality of it all. This has allowed me to:

  • Cut my to do list by 1/3 - for reals!
  • Prioritize tasks based on legit urgency (not "must" urgency) and where they fit in the big picture.
  • Pause and respond from a regulated state and not from a wild reactive place - ever sent an email that you kinda regretted?

You can read the blog in full here - https://www.rickhanson.net/drop-the-load/