Be mindful of golden frogs

A practice to practice when you’re too busy to practice.

gold frog.jpg

What does mindfulness and golden frogs have in common? Well after doing some research, it seems like not a whole lot. Though, put them together and they do make for an eye catching picture like the one I found above.

Even more fascinating, in the course of my “I’m too busy right now” morning I observed myself taking an unplanned mindful pause when I first came across this beauty online. So here’s something for you to try. Can you take this moment to pause and really take in this picture and note what you see. If you’re not able to see this picture could you take this moment and imagine what a gold frog statue sitting cross legged on a rough surface might look like to you?

(If you think you’re too busy, consider that this practice can be beneficial even for just 30 seconds.)

Notice different colours.

Notice dfferent textures.

Notice different patterns.

Notice different geometry.

Now let the practice go. It might feel nice to take a few easy breaths through your nose, or shake out your body, to reset before returning to your day.

See if you can find another object for you to set your gaze or imagination on later today. And then maybe another, and perhaps another. Each time you return to this practice can you approach it from a beginners mind?

This act of pausing and noticing what you see can be a wonderful way to pepper in micro mindfulness practices throughout your day. Orieting to what we see around us can reduce external vigilance and be a helpful way to regulate or balance our nervous system by evoking a sense of safety and security in the body which gets communicated to the brain.

Here are 12 more micro practices that will take you less than 30 seconds.