doing less, to allow for more…woolly bear caterpillar sightings

I’ve been very busy, doing less.


In a post I wrote back in July, Rocking and rolling to the beat of my own (nervous system) rhythm, I was going on about taking things at a slower pace. Being more present and aware. Embodying more fully my experience. One mindful step at a time. Well, surprise surprise (I’m actually quite surprised) I’m still enjoying and embracing this slower gear.

I thought for sure I’d be bored to tears with all this present moment stuff. Feeling stuck in pause, feeling sensations, and wanting to jump out of my skin. Lured back to a faster pace by all the bright and shiny distractions that surround me. A faster pace that has defined who I am. I’m a get shit done kinda gal, and always have been. It’s the only way I’ve known how to feel worthwhile and valuable to the people around me. It’s also been my way of escaping from dealing with my own stuff, and yes feeling the feels.

As Kate Northrup says:

Our busyness is a way that we numb. It’s a way that we avoid being with the space of who we are.

This move towards less involved putting some strategies in place to support and challenge myself and commit to a timeline that was longer than just a week. And so my summer experiment began. I prioritized my rhythm and schedule first, spending more time outdoors, meditating, reading, learning to fix things, and either walking or riding my bike to commute (sorry Uber drivers, I did enjoy our convos). This meant I needed to edit out the things that didn’t really support that, including having to say no to a few requests to do things that I enjoy. Unless I had a real fuck ya response, it wasn’t happening. I do sense some guilt arising in that last statement, especially if I said no to you. I promise that no didn’t come easily.

A more recent strategy I’ve been playing in August is spending little to no time on social media (outside of work needs). Both wonderfully freeing and so much anxiety-induced FOMO…I’ll leave that for another day :).

And this really focused and committed doing less thing, has allowed for more. So much more.

More time with my husband and family. More time to finally get my house in order after 3 years of DIY - totally stalled - renos. More time to do things that have nothing to do with anything like listening to a true-crime podcast. Or learning about comedy. More time to make a meal. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Pretend to garden.

By doing less I also had more time to write this blog post for Yoga Detour. I share some ideas about how we can experience savasana in different ways. If you’re like me and lying in stillness, with your eyes closed, releasing into the darkness, gives you the heebie jeebies, you might want to give it a read. I’m really proud of it. And if you decide to read it I’d love to hear what you think!

And the biggest take away? More time to notice the bazillion woolly bear caterpillars crawling about this summer here in Toronto. Kooper (my dog) is fascinated by them and ever so gentle with them too. We do our best to rescue as many as we can from the busy bike paths.

Well, back to less and finding more. As always, thanks for your time.