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My collaborations:

  • Co-Regulator and Creator, Movement For Resilience

  • Program Manager & Mentor, Yoga Detour

Training that informs my teaching:

  • Over 500hrs of yoga and movement training

  • Adaptive Yoga Training with Yoga Detour

  • Movement for Trauma Level 2 Certified Practitioner

  • Certified FRC Mobility Specialist

  • The Fighting Monkey Practice

  • Additional studies:

    • Polyvagal Theory Informed Trauma Assessment and Interventions: An Autonomic Roadmap to Safety, Connection and Healing (Deb Dana)

    • The Positive Neuroplasticity Professional Training (Rick Hanson)

    • Healing Trauma with the Body (Michael Stone and Molly Boeder Harris)

    • Subtle Yoga for Emotional Wellbeing & The Science of Slow (Kristine Weber)

    • Healing Trauma Through Yoga (David Emerson)

    • SOMA Integrative Wellness - Racial Healing + Racial Equity

About me

Hi I’m Jenn, and I understand what it means to be disconnected from your body. My early years were spent in a gym training and competing in rhythmic gymnastics. I learned quickly that in order to maintain the level of high performance required to win I needed to disconnect my mind from my body.  

This allowed me to work through numerous injuries and emotions without having to slow down. The harder I was pushed the more disconnected I became. This continued well after my gymnastic career ended. There was no stopping my ability to accomplish everything I set my mind to - academically, professionally, athletically - and was the only way I knew how to validate my existence.

This overachieving mindset at all cost did eventually catch up with me. I developed a harmful relationship with food and exercise to cope with life and manage anxiety. For decades I starved, binged and purged, just to feel something again. It was this behaviour that helped me endure the loss of my brother to suicide. It was a vicious cycle of self harm that has left my body in great pain, isolated from friends and family and in debt. Even with all the numbing out and dissociation, I did in fact feel something -  shame.

Then I found yoga. I was skeptical at first. It wasn't sweaty enough. I wasn't going to burn enough calories lying in a mat. Fortunately, through the guidance of some amazing teachers, I started to notice the impact of my practice on regulating my nervous system. It felt a little easier to be in my skin when the "storm" was brewing in me. As long as I could stay with my breath and move through the uncomfortable sensations I always came out on the other side feeling better. It wasn't a perfect science, and still isn't today, but the more I practice and move mindfully throughout my day, the better everything seems. My self esteem, self-confidence and relationship with my body have all improved as a result of me being present with myself. 

In early 2017 I left my corporate job to pursue my growing passion for yoga and gain a better understanding of how the toxic stress constantly all around me (life!) and my past traumatic experiences were playing out in my very fried nervous system. I specialize in working with people who are interested in the benefits of exploring a mind-body movement practice that improves every aspect of life. My approach is resilience based and I’m committed to using yoga and mindful movement as a tool to help you feel validated for who your are on the inside and I carry a fierce conviction to support a practice that is safe, brave and accessible to all. 

If you’re wanting to feel greater emotional balance, more at ease in your body, a deepening clarity of mind, and an empowering connection to your true purpose, let’s talk. Let me show you how yoga and mindful movement can help you get out of your own way and start to live for what truly lights you up!