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Whether you are a student, teacher or studio owner, I'd love to work with you! I offer collaborative workshops and online learning opportunities.


The Integrated Science of Breath and Trauma

Over the course of this integrated workshop, you will:

  • Expand your understanding of stress, trauma and the impacts on the brain, nervous system and the body

  • Discover how evolution plays a role in our fundamental need to feel safe, and how to adapt the window of tolerance to stress model and polyvagal theory into movement and mindfulness practices for nervous system regulation

  • Learn the anatomy and basic physiology of breathing and the principles behind Buteyko breathing and how to evaluate yogic breathing.

  • Discover how breath and the nervous system inform and influence each other. Learn the theory, and feel it in your own body through experiential movement.

  • Explore resources and considerations for teaching in a way that is more trauma-informed and will not disrupt the student’s or your own breathing.

Online format coming soon! Contact me if you’re interested in having us teach in your community.

Working Together


Creating Safer Spaces in Movement: A Polyvagal Informed Framework

I'd love to share what I'm passionate about in your yoga or movement training!

Whether you know it or not, you’re engaging with people every day who are experiencing some degree of chronic or traumatic stress. This session will expand your understanding of stress, trauma and their impacts on the brain, nervous system and body. Drawing from polyvagal theory, we’ll explore the key role of evolution in our fundamental need to feel safe, and how that influences our emotions and even dictates our behaviours. Through this lens, you’ll develop a refined approach to teaching, one that can integrate simple body-based self-regulation practices and co-regulation techniques to keep both you and your students grounded and calm.

3 hour and 6 hour formats

Available to teach in studio or remotely.