Aging with Vitality!

The Movement for Life class at is a practice for promoting healthy aging. As we age, our brain craves stimulus in body-mind to keep us engaged, healthy and vital. In this class we challenge our mobility, coordination, balance, strength, skill and adaptability using a wide array of techniques, tools and situations. Explore broad themes and concepts of human movement to increase our embodied awareness, and free us from dogmatic or linear styles of practice. Through this practice we build confidence, resilience and community. Though this is a designed as a practice for midlife and beyond, everyone is welcome.

SUNDAYS 8:45-9:45AM

Location: Spirit Loft Movement Centre (Carlaw & Dundas)


Body Based Resilience Coaching


Our work together includes engaging in resources and strategies that instil self-understanding and awareness through movement and breath to improve health and vitality.

This may help you:

  • Feel more at home in your body

  • Improve your ability to tolerate and relieve feelings of stress, anxiety and depression

  • Develop your mental ability to focus on what you want in your life and gain self-confidence in the process

  • Gain strength, mobility, coordination and balance

  • Increase self-awareness and a more compassionate relationship with yourself

  • Improve the quality of your sleep leading to more energy and vitality

  • Build healthier relationships with others

  • Facilitate problem solving and decision making as clarity is gained

  • Work through somatic complaints (pain, tension) of acute and chronic traumatic experiences

  • Improve breathing mechanics and ability to use breathing as a self-regulation tool

On-line: 60 minute session $125


None of my services are psychotherapeutic in nature or a replacement for qualified mental health care.