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I am completing my training to become a Professional Co-Active Coach with the Coaches Training Institute and work as a facilitator for Bereaved Families of Toronto.

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About sarah

Hi I’m Sarah and I endeavour to help you identify the things that are holding you back from showing up as the best possible version of yourself. Together, we can find your inner passions and navigate through life transitions including becoming a new parent, career changes, entrepreneurship, and all the other happenings that life throws at us. My early years were tough. 

I experienced a lot of things that no child should. I was raised in an abusive household by a narcissistic mother and in my teens I lost both a close friend and my brother to suicide. Even with all the adversity I still grew to be very intuitive and nurturing in nature. When I needed help the most, I found focus and purpose in helping others. This is where it all began for me. After navigating through parenthood and feeling like something was missing, I decided to give coaching a try.  

It was through my own experience working with a coach that I discovered what was holding me back. This lead me on an incredible journey to overcoming my fears, realizing my passion and ultimately helping others who have also felt stuck at certain points in their life.  Doing this work personally has helped me start living a life that is aligned with my values. I now feel more present and aware of what is most important to me: my family, friends and my relationship to my community.